The character first appears as FBI Special Agent Eunice Bloom in the film Boondock Saints II when she attends the crime scene of a murdered priest which contains all the hallmarks of one their executions. The three original bungling cops of the Boston Police Department, namely Detectives Duffy, Dolly and Greenly are already there awaiting her arrival. She introduces herself as the FBI agent protégé of Paul Smecker who is taking over the Boondock Saints case from him as he has since died. The three cops presume she does not know of their involvement in the killing of Mob boss Yakavetta in the first Boondock Saints film and treat her as hostile. She is extremely attractive, intelligent and brilliant in her career. She detects there was only one person who murdered the priest and also that he was of markedly short stature. She correctly concludes the murder was not committed by the Boondock Saints. The McManus brothers and their new assistant Romeo next wipe out a Chinese drug triad and Eunice and the three detectives attend this crime scene also. As she wishes to continue being involved in the investigation she correctly concludes the latest vigilante strike is their work. Eunice then visits Gorgeous George at his health spa who is in charge of Concezio Yakavetta’s street crews and humiliates and scares him sufficiently enough to call a meeting between himself and the said street crew leaders at a Mexican Bar to discuss the increasing threat of the law and The Saints against them. The Saints accost Gorgeous and force him to tell them of the proposed meeting. Eunice is tipped off of the meeting as is Panza, the hitman in the secret employ of The Roman who arranged for Panza to kill the priest in order to provoke the return of Il Duce from Ireland so he could then be eliminated. The Roman instructs Panza to kill the McManus brothers in the belief that as they are the sons of Il Duce, he will certainly come from Ireland to avenge their deaths. The Saints ambush the street crew leaders at the Mexican bar and wipe them out but then in turn are ambushed by Panza. Fortunately for The Saints, Eunice Bloom comes on the scene just as Panza opens fire on The Saints and she wounds him almost certainly saving their lives. Panza breaks off his attack and flees. The saints aggressively turn their guns towards Eunice challenging her to identify herself. She surrenders and introduces herself as their new FBI guardian angel taking over the role from Paul Smecker now deceased. She then uses her exceptional skills to assist and advise The Saints how to manipulate the crime scene to look like the victims turned their guns on each other thus covering up for The saints. The crime scene thus manipulated, The Saints make their exit in time for Eunice to call Duffy, Dolly and Greenly of the Boston PD to investigate the latest killings. Once they have wrapped up the crime scene she leads them to McGintys Bar which is the hideout of The Saints. The McManus brothers spring up from behind the bar and spray the hapless detectives with soda-guns thus reintroducing themselves. The three detectives now realise that Eunice Bloom is fully on their side and is not trying to pin accessory to murder charges on them, quite the opposite, she is completely in league with The Saints. Concezio Yakavetta fearing for his life, holes himself up in the Prudential Building with all his cohorts and best gun-men. But The Saints still come to take him out in a blazing gunfight at the building. Eunice Bloom while later attending the crime scene informs all of how she knew it all went down, much like The OK Coral: “Let’s have ourselves a good old fashioned shoot ‘em up!”. She envisages herself dressed as an old time Wild West cow-girl and performs an over the top gun spinning session with a peacemaker pistol before actually participating in the ensuing gunfight as she imagined it when The Saints wiped out Yakavetta and his associates earlier on. There still remains at large Panza the assassin, and The Roman, his paymaster. Panza ambushes detective Greenly at McGintys Bar and kills him who himself is then killed during a duel of Russian Roulette by Il Duce newly arrived from Ireland. This just leaves The Roman. FBI Special Agent Eunice Bloom uses her access to classified data files to find the protected hideout of The Roman and then informs The Saints. Il Duce, the brothers and Romeo duly attack the hideout and kill The Roman and his cohort of thugs in a protracted firefight. Unfortunately Il Duce is killed and his sons and Romeo are wounded leading to their arrest by a SWAT team commanded by FBI Special Agent John Kuntsler who has taken over the investigation from Eunice. The McManus brothers and Romeo are convicted and imprisoned in The Hoag maximum security prison. Eunice Bloom unable to cover up her leak of The Roman’s whereabouts to The Saints is condemned as having ‘gone rogue’ and is forced to flee into the protection of The Vatican. To her great surprise she discovers Paul Smecker faked his death and is in fact alive and working on behalf of The Vatican. He arranges for Eunice to escape to Costa Rica beyond the reach of the U.S. authorities. Before she leaves he informs her of the intention to break The Saints out of The Hoag so they can carry on their vigilante work on behalf of The Vatican, Paul Smecker and Eunice Bloom operating in the shadows as ever rendering whatever assistance they can. The story of Eunice Bloom is followed up in the book ‘Special Angel Eunice Bloom’. The Saints have been broken out of The Hoag as orchestrated by Paul Smecker and are back at large on vigilante operations in Boston. Eunice Bloom however, continues to languish in hiding at a monastery out in Costa Rica, wasted and desperate for some action. Meanwhile, The Vatican Secret Service has become aware of an Iranian terrorist plot to detonate a nuclear weapon in Boston on the next anniversary of the 9/11 attack on the twin towers in Manhattan. They use this knowledge with Paul Smecker’s assistance as a vehicle to rehabilitate Eunice with the U.S. authorities. She is to return to U.S. soil and as payment for immunity is to provide the U.S. homeland security apparatus with details of the planned terrorist attack. The U.S. authorities readily agree and after debriefing she is to assist them undercover rebased at the Boston office of the FBI under Special Agent John Kuntsler. She returns to Boston from Costa Rica but unfortunately Kuntsler has failed to receive the message so believing her still to be a most wanted rogue agent, he violently arrests her and internally renditions her to The Pentagon where belatedly the matter of her agreed return is then clarified to him. At The Pentagon a top secret anti-terrorist team is put together headed by the unscrupulous ambitious young CIA Agent Rachel Harbinger, FBI Special Agents Eunice Bloom and John Kuntsler are to assist her team operating out of the Boston FBI office looking out for the Iranian terrorist cell who plan to deliver and detonate the device in the city. Subject to this top secret anti-terrorist mission, Eunice contacts the Boondock Saints and as before helps them with their vigilante work. However, for national security reasons, she cannot tell them about the specific terrorist threat. On the actual anniversary of 9/11, purely by luck through Gorgeous George who is now an informant working for Kuntsler, the CIA/FBI team discover the nuclear bomb at a warehouse beside Boston Common, primed with only fifteen minutes remaining to detonation. The bomb is configured so that it can be disarmed but one needs a nine digit numeric code based on abstract mathematical formulas, and also three special deactivation keys. This would be difficult enough but Tariq Vindhani, the Iranian terrorist cell leader manages to destroy one of the deactivation keys before the CIA/FBI team kill him at the warehouse. Faced with this almost impossible task with only minutes left Eunice decides to go up onto the warehouse roof to look over Boston Common one last time before being annihilated. To her amazement Eunice is subjected to a heavenly vision of an angel which inspires her to use her brilliant mind under incredible time and psychological pressure to not only crack the nine digit disarming code but also deactivate the bomb with only two remaining keys when on the face of it all three would be needed. She descends from the roof and duly deactivates the bomb with only seconds to spare. Even though Eunice Bloom has just saved Harbinger’s life and all of Boston, the CIA agent hates and resents Bloom as a one time rogue agent and quickly has her arrested as an alleged double agent working for the Iranians and in suspected communication with them on the roof. The psychopathic Harbinger is determined that all credit for disarming the bomb must accrue to herself and to this end she must destroy Eunice Bloom. She has Eunice internally renditioned a second time to the Pentagon as a prisoner where she suffers mental torture and starvation. After six months of this the falsely acclaimed heroine Harbinger arranges an impeachment hearing where the intention is that Eunice be locked away for life with no chance of release as a terrorist double agent. After being roundly condemned by everybody giving evidence against her, Eunice is finally given a chance to say something. She uses the opportunity to explain how exactly she managed to compute the nine digit disarming code and how she brilliantly discovered a complex way of deactivating the bomb with only two keys out of the required three. Thus revealed as the true heroine Eunice is at once released and lauded throughout the corridors of power. It is now Rachel Harbinger who is condemned for her brutality and gross dishonesty. The bomb plot and how near Boston came to disaster is buried by the Establishment as classified and all parties in the know are sworn to secrecy. Not wanting any of the top jobs now offered to her, Eunice demands to be returned to the Boston office of the FBI where she quickly re-establishes contact with the Boondock Saints and the bungling cops at the Boston PD. Upon the death of Detective Greenly , Detectives Duffy and Dolly replace him on ‘Team Saints’ with his even more inept assistant Detective Kiersky. Much the same as Greenly, Kiersky has quite a crush on Eunice and secretly wants something more than friendship. Eunice hears word of regular meetings between two notorious gangs at a dockside clubhouse and tries to contact the detectives so they may reconnoitre the place before calling in The Saints at a later date to kill them all. Kiersky picks up Eunice’s phonecall and lies to her about the other two detectives being unavailable so he can go out on the assignment with Eunice all to himself. They go out to the clubhouse and find it to be deserted but as Eunice is about to leave Kiersky persuades her that they should go inside and check it out. A van appears up front and drives to the rear, Kiersky rushes out in pursuit unintentionally leaving Eunice to face a second van which arrives and disgorges five heavily armed thugs who rush into the clubhouse. Eunice realises she has been set up. It has been set up by the corrupt Establishment paymasters of The Roman who have sworn revenge on Eunice for being involved in the taking out of their main operational heir apparent. Brilliant and superlatively capable as ever Eunice takes on single-handedly the five assassins sent against her and manages to kill them all, just in time for Kiersky to return from his wild goose chase. Unfortunately Eunice has been mortally wounded by a spent bullet and dies in Kiersky’s arms. Distraught that he has led this amazing, beautiful and intelligent woman into the trap and then deserted her when she most needed him, Kiersky decides to shoot himself. As he is about to pull the trigger Eunice appears as an angel and stops him saying she forgives him and that he must not commit suicide. Here the book expands on the idea in the Boondock Saints II of the McManus brothers being able to communicate with their dead sidekick Rocco. For this purpose God has set up Rocco’s Bar as an intermediate place between Heaven and Earth where mortals and deceased alike can meet and hang out. Kiersky at Rocco’s Bar is quickly introduced to other members of Eunice’s elite band of Guardian Angels, namely Rocco, Greenly and Il Duce. Disappointingly, Heaven has not turned out to be as blissful for the band of Guardian Angels as they envisaged, God tends to give them worthless protective assignments looking after his sycophantic Earth-bound cronies. Eunice is particularly unhappy, hating her Heavenly existence and pining for the life she loved in Boston as an FBI Special Agent and assisting the mortal ‘Team Saints’. The Boondock Saints are less forgiving of Kiersky, they beat him up and throw him off Team Saints when they discover the magnitude of his deceit and ineptitude which led to the death of their dear friend Eunice Bloom. The band of Guardian Angels look into the future and discover that when the Boondock Saints avenge the death of Eunice by killing all the members of the Loreto Norte gang who carried out the hit, it goes badly wrong and the McManus brothers will also be killed. Under Eunice’s angelic guiding hand Kiersky is led to the scene of the take down so he can watch the brothers backs. Sure enough, as an assassin approaches them from behind gun at the ready, Kiersky is there at the right place and time to shoot him dead thus saving the brothers lives. The brothers ask Kiersky if he is their new guardian angel. He replies no, in effect they have retained the old one, i.e. Eunice Bloom. Nevertheless, in gratitude that he has saved their lives, they rehabilitate Kiersky back into ‘Team Saints’ reinstating his role along side detectives Duffy and Dolly. Being bored and hating her heavenly existence, Eunice not thinking straight, shoots up Rocco’s Bar which leads her to face a disciplinary meeting with God. She in turn confronts him about the worthless work she and the other three guardian angels on her section are given to do. Angered by her attitude God decides to test her loyalty and love of him to the limit by letting her into a terrible secret. He had been watching her Earthly life since her return from Costa Rica and had become most impressed by her unsurpassable abilities, especially when she brilliantly defused the nuclear bomb and overcame her second stint of internal rendition at the Pentagon. He decided he wanted her up in heaven on the angelic payroll working for him. To this end at the clubhouse gunfight even though she had killed all five assassins sent against her, God took a harmlessly falling spent bullet and redirected it into Eunice’s chest, in effect murdering her. Even though suitably disgusted and outraged by this, Eunice is still willing to confirm she loves and worships God as the Supreme Creator but in the light of the new knowledge just imparted she can no longer work for him. She abruptly resigns as an angel and storms out. Furious at her rejection of her angelic duties God in a rage threatens to destroy not only Eunice but also Guardian Angels Rocco, Greenly and Il Duce, together with the mortal ‘Team Saints’ in Boston for good measure unless she falls back into line and takes up her wings again. Il Duce, horrified and realising what is at stake decides to intercede on behalf of God and Eunice, persuading them to negotiate. At the resultant meeting, Eunice skilfully forces God to recognise the great wrong he has done to her in destroying the earthly life in Boston she loved so much. Therefore the only right thing to do is to resurrect her as flesh and blood and send her back. Forced to admit his great error in bringing Eunice to heaven prematurely God nevertheless wishes to attach conditions to her resurrection. Although mortal she must also become an angel again too with the requisite powers. Reluctantly Eunice agrees to this just as long as she can get back to Boston. As Eunice is both mortal and an angel God creates a new type of angel for this purpose; a ‘Special Angel’. Eunice duly returns to Earth and is taken onto The Vatican payroll alongside Paul Smecker to carry out good works in the name of Jesus Christ as they see fit. However, in addition to these duties, undercover, Eunice continues to assist Agent Kuntsler with FBI investigations and also Team Saints in their ongoing vigilante work in Boston. She is back once again living the life so unjustly taken from her, where she most wants to be in her beloved Boston, in her official capacity on behalf of The Almighty and The Vatican; ‘Special Angel Eunice Bloom’.

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