Ottilio Panza
Ottilio Panza
Gender: Male
Race: Italian
Affiliation: the Italian Mafia
Nationality: Italy/American
Status: Deceased
Portrayed by: Daniel DeSanto

Ottilio Panza was the assassin hired by The Roman to bring The Saints back to Boston, when they fled into hiding to Ireland.


It is currently unknown where/when Panza was born. He is presumably Italian-American, as told by his name.

Role in The Boondock Saints IIEdit

Panza was a hired assassin hired by The Roman to murder a priest in Boston - the same priest the Saints had known and loved. This action was devised to bring back the Saints.

"There's only one problem with his little plan."
"What's that?
"It worked."

-Conversation between the Saint's father, Noah MacManus, and their uncle ?.


He was killed while playing Russian Roulette with Noah, the saints' father. While playing, he repeats a memorable Italian phrase: "Va mi Famoso", which translates to "Make me famous!". This is presumably referencing the infamy that Noah MacManus has achieved in the Italian mafia; were Panza to have killed him, it would have made him thoroughly famous.

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