There is alot of wrong information, theories, ideas, and facts on this entire site regarding the entire Boondock Saints franchise.

First, spoilers from an unreleased movie were being posted without any spoiler warnings.

Second, a complete fabrication about a third movie was made without any facts or the person watching the second movie.

Third, conclusions and structure of the entire site misrepresents the BDS and its meaning.

Fourth, the spelling and grammar errors alone show that the people writing here have no reason to be writing. Personal feeling and emotions run mostly throughout everything thats written. Most of the writing is not framed in a factual manner.

This site and its users have been reported to several people that control the BDS franchise regarding the incorrect information being given.

Hi. In the future, please sign your posts. Furthermore, do not threaten this wiki or its users. Finally, a Wikia Wiki--or any Wiki at all--is released with no guarantee that the information presented will be perfectly true or well worded; it is released only with the hope that the users supporting it will do well with it and help it grow. Any wiki may be subjected to less-than-adequate writing skills, but it is not the place of any one person to report or threaten them for it, rather than correct it, ask them to improve, and move on. The point of a Wiki is that many contributors who enjoy a common topic can come together to improve upon it with each their own observations. Some wikis include theories for this reason; many wikis are more reliable for this reason, because anyone can create a page on a needed topic. --MasterCeadeus 20:35, January 10, 2014 (UTC)

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